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Ordinary day…

Another normal day as usual. Mobile woke me at 5 but I being as lazy as ever snoozed the alarm and finally woke up at 7. I will write about college lecture wise.
1) Kasana sir. Same old thing. He taught for 1 hour and we did not understood a word. In the end it was fun. For 1 integration he checked copies of all the class and compared the methods which students followed with funny things as usual. I fortunately was sitting with DJ and copied the answer from him.
2) SUB today taught for 1 full hour after a long time. I sat with buzz and bunty. It was a lot of fun with buzz being too senti about b**s. nothing much happened in that lect. We were free for 1 hour so studied for quiz.
3) SS as usual with his last maans.
4) HKS also taught for 1 hour. My god what happened to everyone today.
5) MST (full form later) took quiz and I as usual sucked.
6) MA was not in mood of teaching but even then she displayed 5-6 slides
7) Did not attend MST tute and back home writing the post..
Bye blog………..

Direct from our teachers

I wanted to make this post way back so here it comes.
These are the quotes direct from our teachers. if you have been their students then no marks for guessing.

1) A,B and C are both high (John Cena)
2) Too Too large, Like that one, Chalo star lagao (by the person who was clean bowled after he saw chinmin more about him some other time )
3) Bahar kya dekh rahe ho? Koi dance kar rahi hai kya? Mera dance dekho (Rishi kapoor)
4) Theek hai (This was said by Paul Adams after jabbering for one hour. Not even a single student understood what he wanted to convey, height of +ve thinking)
5) Sawhney mein se parh lena. (no comments)
6) Yes please last maaaan staaand up (By S^2)
7) Please get out of the class (student does not respond). At least sit on last bench. (By Musa)
8) Aao Aao sharmao mat. Tum sharmate bohot ho, kya baat hai? (By emraan hashmi to a guy)

List will be endless. Will write more as I remember.


I was thinking (those who know me dont laugh i sometimes think also) that my phone has transformed my life. How? Will write about it later. It will be a huge post……..

A clash with a Psycho

Well here I am for my second post. This time I will tell about my or rather say our experience. We were five persons DJ, AV, HP, NJ and me. We were looking for some free lab where we can surf the net for info regarding companies. Main lab was full we went to our dept. net was not working properly there, the person sitting there (I had a bizarre incident with him before but about that some other time) asked us to go to VI lab. We went there a faculty member was sitting there. Let me tell you that on his weird behavior one can do PhD. We went to him for permission to use net in that lab he refused at once (we suspect that he was watching a p**n movie). We referred to the HOD of our dept. that we are allowed to use net in this lab, that was the biggest mistake we did in our life, he became furious and accused us that we were lying and we wanted to watch p**n movies . He also warned us that he will complain about us to HOD. We were wondering that what happened to him, we never said anything wrong there. First time in my life we felt that we were victimized for the offense we never committed. We came to many theories that what might be the reason for his unusual behavior. Then finally we realized that we hurt his ego. Whatever it was we will never forget this experience. Let us see what happens on Wednesday. He might f**k up our marks. But I do not care.
Today was a very boring day at college. MA was very happy(don’t know why). Ranno sang a song in the class. SS caught a guy reading newspaper in class and marked him absent for five days, SUB as usual was on leave, HKS left the class 25 minute early and I am at home very soon. Now I have to study. quizzes and the big fight is near so ta tu blog . I will see you on Monday.

First Post

I am back to the blogsphere after a long time. Will post my daily experiences in this blog. They might help when i write my book 7 Point someone :D. I will post again soon.. Bye for now…


Hey blog.. I am back too soon I suppose.. 13 hours to be precise.. Just wanted to write something today…

Today was a tiring day.. I had a quiz at 5 so all day is booked in the preparation of it.. All the lectures and labs appear to be meaningless (they are like that anyways but on relative terms).

Today was a typical day of a thaparians life.. nothing special .. Don’t even know what to type just want to keep typing now .. don’t know why but the sound of keyboard keys is appearing to be pleasant than all the stuff I get to hear all the day (including all the songs that I hear these days) anyways this is an aimless post nothing spectacular or special about it..

Another boring day… Orkut is boring, Movies are boring.. college too .. Don’t feel like reading any book leave aside study.. Anyways I am gonna sleep now.. byee blog..

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