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TU,HDB and more………..

Today or tonight is the day when I am typing something for my blog after a month. No net access or laptop (or somebody’s daughter calls it Lapi..haha.. story some other time) at my place (this thing I must have repeated 100 times before now I am used to it.).


Patiala feels great these days. Due to weather at delhi that’s terrible as compared to patiala. Winters were entirely different than this. But trade off exists everywhere in this life (another thing I have learned at my stint there). We call trade off with some other name (not elegant but does this job well..we call it ghassa). Every thing that has happened to me(us) so far always has some ghassa associated with it (details some other time).


Flunked office today. I had a lame excuse for it. I informed my boss but still got a call from my mentor (god bless this man..saved our a***s for 2 he is leaving I wish him all the best for future ). Well bosses are always like that so I don’t bother any more about his behavior.


I went to college today. I had to submit forms to Mr Jain. Luckily found him near his office and submitted the forms and then went to K lawns where had a bhoru session with juniors . it was like a walk down the memory lane . I remembered my 3rd year. It was awesome. Even better than this final year. Don’t want to go into details right now.


On my way back I saw HDB. She was wearing red suit and was looking stunning. I was really spellbound by her beauty. Her simplicity is a thing that is very hard to find in girls of delhi. Today she was surprisingly elegant while talking on cell with someone. It was a pleasant sight. I still remember once she was going to SR with her friend and on the way her friend pushed her accidentally to this she reacted by saying “Hye marjaniye dhakka na mar, mere bharind lar jau”   . hahahaha


Enough for now. Gotta watch a movie now. Bye blog

Life in a metro…..

Hey blog !! I know it has been a long time since I wrote for you. Well today is the day. It has been nearly a month in delhi and it has been experience of lifetime for me. I think I will be able to post this when I return home. No net access here L

Now starting with this post.

I am really confused how to start. But I know as I type I will find something that will eventually lead to the post or will give it a meaning. ok so in that case lets begin with a brief description of life at delhi.

Life in a metro. This kind of life is hard initially but once you get used to it then it is not that bad as it seems when you first step out of your city. I belonged to patiala.. indeed a very small city so had a tough start here…

It was day 1 here and I got nearly run over by a santro. Thanks to a blueline that stopped at middle of a blind turn, That day amul lost his mobile in another blueline bus. I came to know that there are only 2 buses in delhi that are notorious for theft and pickpockets namely 423 and our very own 534.

On day 2 I realized that it wasn’t that bad. At least company was great. Great work culture. No work and only culture to do nothing. Still it is paying handsomely so who cares.

Girls and Cars are in abundance here but the blogger is deprived of both of the things and it seems that it would be a long wait for anyone of the thing although the later one is easier to get.

The guest house allotted to us is good but certainly didn’t fulfill the expectations we had. But comparing it with interns of other companies who live at Delhi it certainly rocks.

The curse that wherever I study/work there cant be any beautiful (leave aside beautiful any 1) girl. Effectively no girl here at office no net mostly no work so time pass is very difficult. Only breath of fresh air is the girl at Adulus computer shop. A girl with brown eyes is cute too but we get to see her very rarely.

Delhi as a city would have been terrific had it been just 25-30% less on population. My office is 5.6 KM away from home and sometimes it takes me more than 1 hour to cover this distance.

I visited some places at delhi so far few of them are

Red Fort

India Gate

Chandani Chowk (Paranthe wali gali rocks)

CP (Central park ….i cant describe… live MMS scandals run there)

And few more places…….

I am dead tired of all the surfing today.. will sleep now and might come back with some post after 2 weeks.. bye blog

Amrinder Gill-Ishq

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa with Om Shanti Om team

I began to hate that show but for once i couldn’t resist watching it. Deepika was in it and she looked great in white saree.

The performances were awesome and Himesh i got another reason to hate you…. Raja gave a wonderful performance……. The show was good.. Worth downloading..

20-20 rules……….

It is 1:25 AM. I have perhaps the toughest exam of the semester but I am still online here chatting, orkutting, Blogging.

Anyways why I am here is a very controversial issue that has been a matter of great debate in our year. The phenomenon that we related with orkut till now, that is called scrapping. We are doing it faithfully and are ready to face dire consequences of it.

Well it was not the thing that got me here. Today is saw India v/s Pakistan 20-20 game and it rocked. Never witnessed such a cliffhanger. A friend has display name on orkut that says 5 of 3…1 of 2 ..1 of 1…tie.won..Datz 2020

I love cricket………. love 20-20….and love @#$%^^^^&&%%^^^^^ (don’t think it is crap.. it has a deep meaning.. that deep even I don’t know… lolz am I happy or crazy…. god knows…)

so it is final exam today and after that… the job hunt will start again.. Till then be bloggie.. (Yuk sees like I am talking to my pet dog.. side effects of FRIENDS series.. those stupid chandler jokes… )

Sumedha Karmahe

Sumedha Karmahe is a great singer in SAREGAMAPA Challenge 2007 stage. She is a part of the JOSH gharana under BAPPI LAHIRI.

About Her:
AGE: 18 yrs
HOMETOWN: Rajnandgaon
She has done her high schooling from Weidner Memorial High School
Hobbies: Movies’, hanging out with friend’s n singing as passion

Really pretty… Has a good voice too but it seems that she is overshadowed by the politics that prevails in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa……….. Anyways she is cute………


Today was perhaps the best episode of Koffee With Karan. The most sensational, beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic girl of the world was the guest, None other than “Deepika Padukone”. The show was fantastic and even before her arrival it was very entertaining with Farha Khan and Shahrukh Khan on the show. cant give full description of the show here (I forget everything after Deepika’s entry) but still the best moments were

In rapidfire round there was a tie breaker and Karan asked Farha ans SRK to reveal a dark secret of them.

FARHA:- I am actually a man!!!!

SRK:- Hey I am also a man!!

FARHA:- Ok give the hamper to him………….

Deepika was looking amazing in the show.. her smile was awesome and I am dying to watch OM SHANTI OM movie. man she is so composed and her smile kills!!!!!!!!!!

I will upload the show soon on

My first job..3rd time lucky@Accenture

Well finally I got placed @ Accenture. Third time lucky I must say.

My first 2 placement tries were failures and that caused a big dip in my confidence. I will discuss them later right now I want to concentrate on my sweet success. so here is the post divided in the various stages.

1) Before the process: – Luckily it was a holiday. I did the old placement papers once again as my past experience said that it was essential. I wasn’t nervous as I was used to this process. So I slept for 2-3 hours before leaving for the institute as PPT was at 4 PM.

2) PPT: – We were there at 3:45 but got the back seat as there was a good number of people already present. I was looking for NW but she didn’t come as her branch wasn’t eligible. Anyways the ppt began late as usual. the representatives were introduced by Mr Sorry Singh (SS). The people from the company were appearing to be pure technocrats except Mr NJ and Surbhi ma’am. Let me tell you that surbhi ma’am was very attractive. A perfect lady. Tall, smart, a natural glow and a beautiful smile. Anyways the head was graduate from IIT and PG from IIM. He was speaking very fast. The ppt was boring and they concentrated more on showing videos that were about average. Then the ppt was switched on women employees. he said that “Women are not good at building relationships at work”. he was serious but Mr NJ broke into laughter and along with him everyone in c hall even Mr sorry singh couldn’t help laughing. After the PPT there was a question answer session and the lucky ones got the reward. During the PPT we came to know that there will be a Group Discussion too. I wasn’t prepared for it as there was a rumor that it is cancelled due to scarcity of time. Anyways PPT was over and we were allotted the respective rooms for the test.

3) Test:- The test was of 55 minutes duration, 10 minutes were for essay writing. the papers were distributed and we started. it wasn’t a difficult paper but after infosys test I had lost faith in the process. I attempted all the sections with same priority due to a sectional cut off. After that essay came on topic “Education System In India”. I made a mess of it as it was only evaluated in last round and also I didn’t give a damn about my selection. After that we waited for results.

4) Result of test:- We waited at cafeteria for the result that was supposed to be at 8:30. In the mean time I had a quality time with my friends. Everyone assembled in C hall and the results were being announced. The first group was told to immediately report for GD. I was shocked as I wasn’t in formals and didn’t have time for it. the people were amazed to see themselves selected. Surbhi ma’am announced the results.

5) GD:-Mine groupwas number 5. I and DJ were in same group. We were made to sit in CILP room and told to wait. During it we discussed topics for GD and after many rejections my topic “Reality Shows: How real they are?” was selected. Then came Surbhi ma’am for GD. She asked us about the topic we wanted GD on and pat came the answer. She liked the topic and told us to start in 1 minute. Someone raised his hand and started (Never raise hand in GD, it can cause rejection. but since GD was informal so it didn’t matter). People were sitting in pathetic positions for a GD (As they didn’t attend bull’s eye classes). I contributed a point and then after a while another. There was a respected A** H*** who didn’t let anyone speak. I was told by Surbhi ma’am to conclude and I did it in most diplomatic way I could have. Finally we were told by ma’am to leave and wait. while leaving the room I said “thank you ma’am”(in the least audible voice as I was nervous.. I don’t know why) and to that a beautiful smile appeared on her face and man I was dead there itself. Then to our surprise the result was out before us and we were selected and I could only say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My first for this sem). I was very happy and went to c hall. There we filled up a form and we were to report to college at 7 AM tomorrow.

6) Pre Interview wait: – I waited for around 5 hours for my interview and in the mean time we practiced and conducted/gave mock interviews. I was called for interview at 11:50.

7) HR interview:- I was sitting alone in the GD room at CILP office and was practicing how to say good morning . Nobody came till 12:10 and I had to practice again for good afternoon. Then someone like Shankar Mahadevan (SM) came and told me to wait outside for sometime. I waited for 15 minutes and was called for HR interview. the interview was as follows

SM:- Damanpreet Singh, right?
ME:- yes sir

SM:- Can you show your original certificates at time of joining?
ME:- yes sir

SM:- We have a 1 year bond at Aceenture. will you comply by it and are ready for a legal action if fail to do so”
ME:- Yes sir

SM:- We need to verify your background information too. are you ready for that?
ME:- Yes sir

Above all thing was repeated again and all the process took less than 15 seconds..phew he was indeed breathless….

SM:- Tell about your family background:
ME:- (Replied)

SM:- About yourself?
ME:- (Replied)

SM:- How are you different from others? Explain…
ME:- (Completely shattered by this unexpected bouncer regained confidence and started). well sir everyone is different, everybody in this world is different. I am also different from others in the sense that (Now it made sense to me). I am very calm and composed as compared to others, I have clear goals as compared to others.. and blah blah blah.. (He was satisfied)

SM:- Your role model?
ME: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. the creators of Google because in short span they have brought a revolution in Internet.

SM:- How you will be like them?
ME:- Told all about SEO I knew and my webpage and along with it benefits of smart work and broadband connection and from his expression it looked that he was more than satisfied so I stopped and I was told to go and wait.

Outside the office I was told that I cleared this round and to wait for technical interview.

8) Technical Interview:- After 15 minutes I was called for interview. I entered the room. I don’t know the name of interviewer but lets call him INT. So here it goes

INT: – How are you?
ME:- Fine sir.

INT: – Nervous or excited?
ME: Both.

INT: Introduce yourself.
ME: (Replied same as in HR interview). my hobbies are Blogging and SEO

INT: What is SEO?
ME: (Told in detail+ Praised about Accenture website and its value)

INT: Which algorithm you follow? (Draws 3 types of algos on paper)
ME: Number 1 sir.

INT: Why?
ME: (Explained in detail)

INT: Which core subjects you studied from start of your degree?
ME: 1ST Sem- none, Second sem none, Third sem , MST(Measurement science and techniques).

INT: Sawhney sir taught you?
ME: No sir he has retired but we follow his book. and then I praised that book so much that once even I felt that’s getting a bit too much but I didn’t stop and linked the book with pride of institute along with that I mentioned Bhimbra book of power electronics. he was impressed with the (So called) commitment of mine about my institute.

INT: which devise you have used in instrumentation?
ME: 8085,8051, RTD thermister ….

INT: Please draw 8085 for me.
ME: Ok sir, Took a pen and started and he stopped me early and said. good enough…Thank you very much……

ME: Thanked him and left…………

9) Result:- At 5:15 the results were announced. when my name was called I was on top of this world. I was only focused on the offer letter (and not on the hands that were holding it…ya you are right surbhi ma’am). I got the letter saw my name on it and just made a 5 second call to dad and said “Dad I am placed. will tell you in detail after half an hour”. It was great to see the offer letter and I was placed and employed. we all congratulated each other and went home.

It wasn’t the best day of my life but it was a memorable one……………………..

Er. Damanpreet Singh @ Accenture…..Nice feeling…..

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