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Typical Punjabi Love story

Typical Punjabi love story…

Guy likes Gal .. But cant tell her the same due to some reasons like

1. Too Shy

2. Fear that parents wont accept

3. She thinks of him as a friend and he doesn’t want to scare her by imposing his feelings over her (“We are just good friends” the deadliest line)

Whatever the case may be of the things mentioned above… It only amounts to Two results..

1  Girl’s marriage gets fixed by her parents.. guy is invited too.. poor guy just stands there watching everything with a broken heart suddenly girl’s dad appears and says “Son please help us in this work.. it’s your sister’s wedding” . The guy’s expressions couldn’t be made public.

2. Girls gets married, guy doesn’t eat for some days &  turns into a Dev D. Then somehow accepts the fate as out of sight is out of mind, moves on with the life, marries a bimbo selected by parents, still tries to find his first love in his poor wife and gets frustrated mostly, wife suffers so  married life suffers, parents and relatives intervene then slowly life comes on track, guy becomes father now, one day when he goes to market with his family then a small kid comes to him , the kid looks lost, the guy looks for his parents, a lady comes looking for him, not to mention who she is.. so in a jiffy all memories refresh, he remembers old days (all the things he could not do), the girl says “acha to apne maama ji ko dhoond hi lia” needless to say what killed the guy 🙂

Just came across these thoughts somehow.. V Day is approaching..But no use to blogger 🙁

BBye blog .. Bohot Bhor lye.. See you Soon

Two Years in NCR :)

Hi.  11.58 PM by watch .. I completed my 2 years in NCR today. The saga might be too big to write so in short the things that are running in my head I will put it here

  1. Things I gained: New Friends, Money, cars(for parents), A lapi, A PDA Phone, 10 KG weight
  2. Things I miss: My college and everything associated with it.
  3. Things I learned at NCR: Local travel, Shopping, Bargaining (Little Bit), Money can’t buy everything it is just a piece of paper (But a kind of paper you will never find in dustbin), Life can be a bitch sometimes, Corporate life is tough (Grass is always greener on other side)
  4. Places I explored: Each and every corner of Delhi where BSES operates , Agra and surroundings
  5. Places I didn’t explore: Everything not mentioned in point 4, to specify Gurgaon is a place I never went to so far.
  6. Transitions in life in these 2 years: Life changed from the sarkari naukri of BSES to taxing schedule of REL. Sometimes miss those trips to CP after office , Now life is going to office at 9AM  then returning by 8 PM and fighting with 3 other laptops for 30 Kbps bandwidth. But still some trips to Delhi, Some early morning movies on weekends (to save money), some funny moments and chatting with friends make living here totally worth it.

I think jyada ho gya. Now I’ll stop as jyada bhorni changi gal nahin. By blog,,, c ya soon…

New Year Resolutions

Hi Readers……. wish u a very happy new year.. Starting Now

The List for 2010

1. Look for Crush No. 8  (Love i kno i cant find)

2. Learn to Drive, Dance, Behave, Laugh (again), Express myself

3. Buy Ipod Touch

4. Get a photo clicked with guitar like everyone does

5. Change job profile

6. Crack some PSU

7. Study

8. Try to Get a life

9. Cut down net surfing by sleeping even more

10. Forget about the stuff i just wrote

A Road Trip (Not) To Remember

Hi blog.. I am back… It has been long since I typed anything for you.. I suppose literally nothing after I entered this corporate (@#$%^&*) world. The urge to type and share my feelings is long gone but anyways since as usual today I have nothing else to do (like most of the days of my life so far) so I thought that I’ll share something with you… Starting with it now

The Title “A Road Trip (NOT!) to Remember” as it signifies it’s about a road trip that went slightly awry. By road trip I don’t mean the trips that span a thousand of miles but our road trip in this case is a sweet quarter of thousand KM kind of trip that took around 10 hours and 3 modes of transport to complete.

To begin with. 2 people A & B had to go from a place C to D say around 4-5 hour long trip, They selected the best option available by road, A deluxe bus (the only one on this route), So it started from getting the tickets, B is punctual so no problem in this regards. The bus started it’s journey on the right time. Sine it was weekend it was packed. The movie it started playing was very depressing so the driver change it to the other irritating (means depressing in some other sense) movie. Bus reached Bypass in 20 minutes (An achievement in itself) there it experienced a minor jerk and halted there itself. The place of stoppage was such that during a day around 100K vehicles at least would cross that area. There was no other option left then to sit in the bus and just hope it starts as going outside was not an option since the vehicles zipped away on that signal free stretch. Driver was making unsuccessful attempts of starting it, The movie kept on playing in that interval though (Bad part since the thing that was supposed to run (bus) didn’t and the thing that should have been stopped (movie) didn’t either). Finally after more than an hour of efforts and it was still unknown that a mechanic had been called or not The bus started moving. It was a time of relief for everybody, When bus crossed traffic jams of the city then it was a comfortable feeling that home is not far away, But the fate had something else in it’s store. Just as it crossed a flyover outside a city it was stopped again. Nobody knew what happened, Most of the people got outside and went to the road side dhaba, When it was observed that nothing happened for a long time then everybody got outside the bus and it was known at that stage that the shocker of the bus had been damaged and the bus wont move an inch!. State of slight panic spread amongst the travelers but the conductor tried to arrange another bus or a mechanic but both things didn’t happen, Angry passengers surrounded him everywhere he went and literally they were standing in the middle of highway a person commented “Tuhanu sadak nal inna pyar kyon hai ki sadak vich ja ke khade ho jande ho?” (why do you love his road so much that all of you are standing in the middle of it), Poor conductor tried his best but couldn’t pacify the angry passengers since his top officials were not ready to do anything, Finally after lots of phone calls to supposedly top officials of transport authority and listening endlessly to a number “Taranve Ik sooo” (93100 ) (A note to persons concerned the number did come in dream too) passengers finally got a refund.

Now options were very less because the current location was not known to anybody and area seemed to be very backward, Somebody arranged for a cab, The on counting it was observed that another cab was required it was arranged too. Then the first cab arrived after 1 hour, It was a pathetic looking tata sumo, But since the options were limited so people boarded it. The condition of the vehicle was such that it’s traveling to 200 KM stretch was very difficult but due to lack of options nobody complained much about paying a very heavy premium price, No to mention the other cab was a quails that looked in a very good condition and the lazy ones got the best deal (The myth that an early bird catches the worm got busted and lost it’s meaning). Anyways the sumo started moving and the driver was hopelessly and dangerously quiet while driving , Driver getting into a nap that would cause disaster seemed to be a thing with high probability, Even the window that was open was a sense of relief that it night help in keeping him awake due to the cold surroundings, The cab crossed the biggest flyover in it’s stretch road was magnificent, Just when it seemed that nothing could go wrong then it happened again, At a place where the widening of highway was taking place the cab slowed down, smell of burning and the passengers had nothing but to say “oh my god! not again”. After traveling 2 KM a place to park the cab was found and the attempts to make it work again began, By the title of the post it is understood that they didn’t work. All had lost hope of getting home any sooner since home was another 160 KM away. Finally the cab driver was paid a part of total amount and it was decided that a bus to nearest bus stand could be taken and then another cab to home can be arranged there since no other cab could have been arranged within 1.5-2 hours.

After five minutes of wait a buss arrived it was stopped and luckily it was the bus that was direct to the destination. Everybody was extremely happy and thanked god that saved all from further struggle, The normal bus never felt so comfortable. Finally it reached the destination total time took around 10 hours, Not to mention the driver who was trying to honk the horn in the tunes of the pathetic songs that were being played in the bus and the sweater he wore while the bus was going at a decent speed on the highway. But still no complaints since all reached home. Reaching home never felt so sweeter J

Things to learn

  1. There are many things money can’t buy.
  2. Having a good company while such a trip makes it bearable.
  3. Anything that has Govt. Associated with it can’t be trusted.
  4. Train Travel rocks.
  5. Murphy laws applies everywhere (be it corporate world or travelling )
  6. Home is the sweetest destination
  7. Anybody who experienced this trip would laugh on the experience every time he or she thinks about it.

Bye blog,,, hope to see you back soon ,, next time I hope to write a “Legen wait for it—–” (Quoted from H.I.M.Y.M. Barny Stinson)


I went to college on Thursday. Most of the students had gone home. Went to library,Hostel and cafeteria. This made me realize that how much i miss my college. every place there has some memory associated with it. I really miss the quality time i spend there. Perhaps now i realize the meaning of nostalgia. If i srart blogging about my college then the saga would never end. A walk to the library refreshed the memories of placement season and the struggle associated with it.

I realized what my college meant for me after leaving it. Now only 1 more formality of presentation is left then i have to bid it final good bye 🙁 .

Indeed those were the best days of my life.

PS: The pic is of “The great wall of Thapar”

I shouldn’t be blogging now. I am sick. Sick of all the news channels who have nothing substantial to show but even then they pop in with a breaking news every 15-20 minutes.

I read an article in HT today regarding it and followed news channels throughout the day and realized that Mr Hazara was true.

All the stuff regarding petrol prices fiasco was really irritating. I still don’t know when the media will grow up.

Early morning on news channels “Crude prices are up 90%+ So price hike is inevitable”. Every 2nd minute channels come up with some experts who justify such move. Fair enough we are educated (ok that sparks a controversy … that I’ll discuss some other time) and understand that this is inevitable and nothing can stop it.

Later in the afternoon when prices are hiked then like a chameleon our Indian news channels change their stance completely. Now they are criticizing the govt for such move. Like it was never required. Our desi channels came up with a funny captions like “Tel ke aansoo” “Har ghar me aag”. Dude WTF! Where were those experts now??

Now the scenario is different. News channels went to public and as expected people tried to be as rubbish as they can on TV.

Funniest and perhaps the worst of the lot was about LPG prices. aunties clad in expensive sarees and wearing jewelry that could even put bhappi lehri to shame were worried about 50 rs price hike of an LPG cylinder like it would cause havoc in their life. It deserves another WTF but I’ll save it for some other time.

I still can’t understand the concept behind petrol subsidy. Poor men don’t need it (Although they might be affected indirectly. in that I dont want to go coz I don’t want to ). The most affected person is a south Delhi resident who has to spend more to fill fuel tanks of his 9-10 sedans. But the chap in our case is so stinking rich that he doesn’t give a damn.

God save IOCL,BPCL,HPCL I still cant figure out how they are surviving.

Have to hit the sack now. Feeling really sleepy. Waking up at 6.30 AM is showing its effects on me now.

PS:- Read my previous post that P.S. applies here too.

The Training Diareis: The background

It is 12:39 Midnight and I have nothing else to do right now so I am blogging.

Today was a normal day at home. I had breakfast at 12:30 AM lunch at 5 PM and dinner just half an hour ago. Surfed internet for a few hours, watched a movie, 3 episodes of Seinfeld (Love that showJ) and now finally to this stuff. Anyone who has read my older posts will find this entire intro a cliché but anyways who cares.

I was going through old text messages in the inbox of my good old nokia 6600. I read an old message that I received when I was on the way to Delhi for the first time for my training. Now since the training is about to end (it is already over from our side but not officially) I wanted to crib something about my training from my memory.

So I will write a series of post titled “The Training Diaries” (All due respect to the masterpiece “The Motorcycle Diaries”).

So lets start the journey (I know this is boring stuff, but a few years down the line when I’ll read it then it would be a walk down the memory lane for me, like my posts about summer training. so I am addressing these posts to myself. People may call me insane but as they say “insanity is contagious” so beware!! (I know someone will be cursing me for killing grammar. but I cant help it ) )

“Remember Remember 13th of December” . That was the day my exams for 7th semester ended. I was almost shattered by my score of 18.5/100 in a subject and an E grade seemed to be inevitable. That was toughest time of my entire college life. Some sleepless nights and a few nightmares later I got my result and I cleared all the subjects. Then my mind shifted to my training.

Our fate was decided in aranya 2007 when I got placed in REL. We were on cloud nine at that time. HR promised a stipend that equaled CTC and that was 34000 PM. that was huge. Later it was reduced to a meager accommodation and food at Delhi. Still we got condolences that it is worth 8-9K P.M. and since you’ll be getting accommodation from Reliance then it is sure to be of very high standard. Still I missed a slot at freescale semiconductor that offered 14K P.M. and as my mentor said “array tumhara to chutiya kaat gye vo” (I don’t want to translate it).

It was a mixed emotion feeling. I was happy that I’ll be living in Delhi (so called the heart of India). I was sad as I had to leave my home and net and computer etc. Parents were unexpectedly cool about it.

There were 8 of us. 7 guys and a gal (now rambani don’t abuse me of using such lingo. that’s what I have been using for last 3 years and cant help it now ). I packed (ok ok mom did all packing) my stuff in 1 bag, a briefcase (The size of which still scares me) and a blanket. loaded it into a cab and started for Delhi. it was 20th jan 2008.

That’s enough for now. 2nd part will be published tomorrow (like anyone cares. That’s just to remind me that I have to type something tomorrow as well.)

P.S. :-

  1. If anyone finds something offensive, cheap and vulgar then I don’t care.
  2. Spammers fuck off
  3. Please comment on this post (you can abuse me. I’ll remove those comments but I have to read it so your purpose will be successful)
  4. And thanks for being a good reader and reading this far (Kick on your butt if you started reading from downwards, dude get a life)


I dont know if i ever liked you on this show..but 1 thing is since you are gone i dont know i’ll ever watch this show again.. Shambhavi you rock!!!!!! great job….

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