Saturnalia,Sarkar and GATE

Saturnalia,Sarkar and GATE

Finally my tired fingers are typing something for you. Thanks to my friends who inspire me to make posts. Now as always lots and lots of things to type but my laziness wont allow me.

Saturnalia happened in our college. You can read about it from here. Not much to say about it . it was boring as compared to last year, participation was lesser, fashion show was pathetic, Jassi night was boring like hell. But western dance was good and so was Black Slade and thanks to suneet he made a lot of videos and took pics too (west. Dance ooooooooo). Club RPM was other good thing that happened at this event.

I finally saw Sarkar yesterday. It was awesome. Although cant be compared with the godfather but AB is definitely Indian version of Brando. Abhishek was very good too although cant be compared with Pachino.

After 4 days of ash college started again. Really I love to hate my college but the example of my Homesick friend made me think about it once again..

Gotta run now. Parents are yelling to leave PC. By the way I cleared gate. I got All India Rank 153 and a score of 466. It would get some branch at DCE. Next time I’ll try for IITs. Anyways it seems Delhi calling for now..

Bye blog..catch ya soon…..

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hmm Delhi calling… in long, delhi babes calling!!! vaise party te tu ditti nahi!!! not good … Congrats on ur rank 🙂
abt saturnalia… no comments 😐

Deepinder Singh wrote on March 21, 2007 - 7:54 am

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