Day 3 onwards+Life at Riken

Day 3 onwards+Life at Riken

Yo blog. I am back. Still alive don’t know how after all the suffering. For all those reading this I am still confused about 2 posts which I am desperate to make. “YKC vs. Chinmin” and “Mandyisms2”. Who is chinmin? Well most of you know it. Problem with Mandyisms2 is that it is entirely based on 3 persons. Whose nicknames I am yet to finalize. All the nicknames are too obvious and using them could land me into serious trouble. At least I don’t want to get beaten by a group of girls. But I will make this post on my other blog and provide some of you the link. Even I am excited about this post. YKC vs. Chinmin will be on this blog soon.

Coming back to my training. Another shock. This time due to no work at Riken. The situation there went like.

Day 1: Oh my god lots of work.
Day 2: Some work.
Day 3 onwards: Where is work? Oh please give us some work.

As expected we are free at Riken. Navdeep sir and our Diplomchi friend both are absent for 2 days. Sir is working on some presentation and is on leave. Even jojo who does all the work is absent. In power meter dept. we are only 2 persons left. We are burning hands while soldering but still learning something. Worked with SMD resistors for first time. Tried to find faults in PCB and found some of them too. But still we weren’t able to correct them. Perhaps we can do it in future. H.O.D. didn’t arrive today. PN is expected after 24th. So we will go there only twice a week. Can relax at home now.

We have observed that there is deficiency of three things at Riken they are.
1) Multimeters
2) Chairs
3) Girls
While first 2 things are absolute requirements. 3rd thing is luxury. Although needed too. We borrow Multimeter from “Cheeku” chair can be taken of any person who is not sitting there. But about 3rd thing nothing can be done. Although on day 2 we saw L.E.D. there. We later came to know that this L.E.D. has glown only 7-8 time in past 6 months. We were a bit disappointed. In this scorching heat girls rarely come out. So no B.W. as well. Anyways 1 thing I have observed that girls of Patiala are much better than Pkl. We took a bus which went through most of sectors and started counting. We counted 5. While at Patiala this sometimes goes to 25 as well. Now we can realize why Golu was so desperate and why sir was a bit disappointed when we told him that all students here for 6 weeks are boys. In this aspect college is much better than company. Anyways we are happy that we are not at college. And all this suffering is worth it. I have realized 1 thing which batish sir told in the class. It is “Never ask for more work at industry”. True because they will be very happy to allot you more work and your life will become miserable in this process.

Today talked to a guy who is here for 6 mn training. He is a 7 point someone as well. He sounded like a fool yesterday but today what he said about companies and placement and training was very good. We were impressed by his talks. Perhaps all 7 pointers are like this. Sometimes disgusting and sometimes so impressive. He made fun of golu too. This was hilarious. Great person I must say. And golu told to read a book on microcontrollers. Will do that soon.
I forgot to mention about movie “Gangster”. A wonderful movie. No big stars in this movie unlike “Fanaa”. But the acting, music and story were very good. Will write about in next post…..bye blog……….

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Hmmm……. Must say you write pretty well. Waise something something similar here.we also suffer like you guys. Chal, keep updating your posts. Good luck. Waiting for YKC V/s ‘u know who’. He He.

Hardeep wrote on June 11, 2006 - 9:51 am

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