Typical Punjabi Love story

Typical Punjabi Love story

Typical Punjabi love story…

Guy likes Gal .. But cant tell her the same due to some reasons like

1. Too Shy

2. Fear that parents wont accept

3. She thinks of him as a friend and he doesn’t want to scare her by imposing his feelings over her (“We are just good friends” the deadliest line)

Whatever the case may be of the things mentioned above… It only amounts to Two results..

1  Girl’s marriage gets fixed by her parents.. guy is invited too.. poor guy just stands there watching everything with a broken heart suddenly girl’s dad appears and says “Son please help us in this work.. it’s your sister’s wedding” . The guy’s expressions couldn’t be made public.

2. Girls gets married, guy doesn’t eat for some days &  turns into a Dev D. Then somehow accepts the fate as out of sight is out of mind, moves on with the life, marries a bimbo selected by parents, still tries to find his first love in his poor wife and gets frustrated mostly, wife suffers so  married life suffers, parents and relatives intervene then slowly life comes on track, guy becomes father now, one day when he goes to market with his family then a small kid comes to him , the kid looks lost, the guy looks for his parents, a lady comes looking for him, not to mention who she is.. so in a jiffy all memories refresh, he remembers old days (all the things he could not do), the girl says “acha to apne maama ji ko dhoond hi lia” needless to say what killed the guy 🙂

Just came across these thoughts somehow.. V Day is approaching..But no use to blogger 🙁

BBye blog .. Bohot Bhor lye.. See you Soon

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