The Training Diareis: The background

The Training Diareis: The background

It is 12:39 Midnight and I have nothing else to do right now so I am blogging.

Today was a normal day at home. I had breakfast at 12:30 AM lunch at 5 PM and dinner just half an hour ago. Surfed internet for a few hours, watched a movie, 3 episodes of Seinfeld (Love that showJ) and now finally to this stuff. Anyone who has read my older posts will find this entire intro a cliché but anyways who cares.

I was going through old text messages in the inbox of my good old nokia 6600. I read an old message that I received when I was on the way to Delhi for the first time for my training. Now since the training is about to end (it is already over from our side but not officially) I wanted to crib something about my training from my memory.

So I will write a series of post titled “The Training Diaries” (All due respect to the masterpiece “The Motorcycle Diaries”).

So lets start the journey (I know this is boring stuff, but a few years down the line when I’ll read it then it would be a walk down the memory lane for me, like my posts about summer training. so I am addressing these posts to myself. People may call me insane but as they say “insanity is contagious” so beware!! (I know someone will be cursing me for killing grammar. but I cant help it ) )

“Remember Remember 13th of December” . That was the day my exams for 7th semester ended. I was almost shattered by my score of 18.5/100 in a subject and an E grade seemed to be inevitable. That was toughest time of my entire college life. Some sleepless nights and a few nightmares later I got my result and I cleared all the subjects. Then my mind shifted to my training.

Our fate was decided in aranya 2007 when I got placed in REL. We were on cloud nine at that time. HR promised a stipend that equaled CTC and that was 34000 PM. that was huge. Later it was reduced to a meager accommodation and food at Delhi. Still we got condolences that it is worth 8-9K P.M. and since you’ll be getting accommodation from Reliance then it is sure to be of very high standard. Still I missed a slot at freescale semiconductor that offered 14K P.M. and as my mentor said “array tumhara to chutiya kaat gye vo” (I don’t want to translate it).

It was a mixed emotion feeling. I was happy that I’ll be living in Delhi (so called the heart of India). I was sad as I had to leave my home and net and computer etc. Parents were unexpectedly cool about it.

There were 8 of us. 7 guys and a gal (now rambani don’t abuse me of using such lingo. that’s what I have been using for last 3 years and cant help it now ). I packed (ok ok mom did all packing) my stuff in 1 bag, a briefcase (The size of which still scares me) and a blanket. loaded it into a cab and started for Delhi. it was 20th jan 2008.

That’s enough for now. 2nd part will be published tomorrow (like anyone cares. That’s just to remind me that I have to type something tomorrow as well.)

P.S. :-

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bhai… next part of your training diaries ?? vaisey, even this part wasnt bad… not bad at all… 😉

mayank wrote on June 8, 2008 - 4:59 pm

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