Office Humor

Office Humor

Hi.. Here is an account of some incidents that happened, some are true and some might be, so keep guessing

1. Nirmala: Premchand’s hindi classic, Somebody might be so fond of it that he gave it’s printout to read it in office time. One boss was near the printer at that time. He took the pages and began shouting. “Bhai ye Nirmala kiski hai??”. Obviously there was no taker for Nirmala at that time. Poor Nirmala gave all the office a reason to laugh 🙂

2. Shopping: A Deadly one. A guy (Say Uncle) and a girl were sitting together in office. Guy asked girl that from where did she purchase her clothes. She responded in a nonchalant manner that nothing is fixed and i buy clothes from here and there and tried to pass the question. Then again the same question was asked, this time girl got a bit angry and asked why he wanted to know? He said that he wanted to purchase clothes for his wife and kids. Then a deadly reply came ” The kind of clothes i wear neither your wife nor your daughter will be able to wear those, so please save the effort”. Needless to comment about the reactions of the listeners.

3.Sheran Wali Maata: There is a general trend that has been observed in girls that after marriage their dressing sense becomes weird. This is related to that. There was a girl who got married.She was on leave for 15 days, after leave when she came to office then people saw what they never saw before. Bright Saree ( Brightest you can imagine), Overdone Makeup, Bangles and Payal (Yup that sound of chan chan 😛 ). A Guy put on his helmet so that she wont recognize him. When she went to the office literally all the people stood up on their seats for a view that was never seen before. Her Boss’s reaction was amazing and that cant be put into words. A friend of her gave the comment that “Tu to aaj sheran vali maata lag rahi hai”. She laughed but it is clear what must be going through her mind. Although it gave people an opportunity to laugh but the question still remains that why this happens to 99% of girls?

4. The Man Who Sold The World: Very Inspiring story. A guy was at a company and his package was 5 LPA. He applied for other companies and got 2 offers 6 LPA and 8 LPA. So one might think that he must have gone for 8 LPA company, he didn’t . He realized his market value and continued his previous job. He took a vow not to work at all in the company and till company throws him away he will keep on working in his previous employer. The result is that now he is living life of a king in the same company for 2 years happily. Surely an inspiration.

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Nirmala incident too gud hai yar.. need such a humour dose regularly 2 keep up wid boring office life.. sahi mein..

Shuchita wrote on March 25, 2010 - 4:23 pm

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