Nightmare at The Rajiv Chowk

Nightmare at The Rajiv Chowk

Hi Blog,

I wanted to share an experience with you about 01.01.2012.

It is said that the thing you do on first day of New Year, The same happens with you for rest of the year. If the same is true then It would be a tough year.

Winters bring dense fog to North India, Hence I had to leave from home in the afternoon. I took a Volvo (So called) to Delhi.

The Journey was smooth and we reach in a standard 5 hour 30 minutes time. We didn’t know what awaited us.

Lets start with the real fun part. From ISBT Delhi to Noida

1. At ISBT we tried to negotiate with an auto for Inderprastha Metro Station, Usually auto charges Rs 60, It asked for Rs 150. We decided to go by Metro only.

2. Metro at Yellow line was surprisingly empty. We were surprised and hoped for a smooth ride to home.

3. Rajiv Chowk Metro: Hell broke loose. It was a disaster. The timer indicated 1 Min for Noida City Center but the crowd was in hundreds. The PA System announced a problem due to Snag and announced the refund process.

We were still optimistic that Metro shall arrive. We interacted with a person who was standing for 1.5 Hours. After 45 minutes we lost the hope and tried to call all possible cab numbers but didn’t get any response.

We didn’t believe that we were suffering from this problem at National Capital. We went out of Metro station and kept our hopes high for a Cab or at least an Auto

Finally we decided to go to CP Outer circle for some hope. We were standing near LIC building then suddenly we saw an empty auto. We asked the fare he said 300. We were shocked as 300 seemed perfectly genuine for this circumstances.

We boarded the auto and reached our home good 2 Hour 30 min after we reached Delhi.

Still we were happy that we got a good sleep.

Learning from this case: Money is not everything.

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