This word was the hot topic after TV series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin Got Aired. Even before it , Yesterday i saw movie ” Karthik Calling Karthik” where the hereo undergoes a makeover. Not difficult at all if you already have a 6 pack abs to flaunt , Just Losing Spects and getting into a causal attire does wonders. In real life that is not so simple. Lets  visualize a guy going for a makeover the steps are as follows

1. Be regular at gym (The most difficult thing)

2. Eat well

3. Go for Jogging

4. Change your dressing style .. well the perfect phrase for it

Louis Phillipe Slim Fit Shirt-2000 Rs

Levi Strauss Jeans-4000 rs

Ray ban Sunglasses  -5000 rs

Being worthy of flaunting the things mentioned above-Priceless (Not Painless though)

For A girl .. Makeover

OSHCL- Open Straight Hair & Contact Lens

Most of you might not agree but have seen this happening lots of time….

Bbye blog

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