A Story

A Story

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Hi.. I am not in a mood to write a complete story now. Lets hope i finish it soon and then i will post it here. This post is just a reminder that i have to publish a complete story

A story of a guy and a girl (as usual). But it is not a love story’

BTW: This story is a work of complete Fiction, any resemblance with anybody in real life is just pure coincidence .

Especially with you “X”

Title: 2500 Days of “X”

2500 Days roughly 7 years have passed since i had first seen her and still i cant forget her, Perhaps this  means that it was something more than just plain infatuation.

It all began when i left my school after 10th and joined another institute for 10+1. There i saw her for the first time, I still remember that orange T Shirt she wore and how pretty she looked in it. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her even for a single moment , Time seems to have frozen when she was around. Perhaps i can attribute my poor chemistry Lab scores to that time. I didn’t even know her name, Then one day ……..

ok blog i will continue sometime later if i really feel like completing it

PS: 500 Days of summer seems to have hit me really hard. Awesome movie

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