A Road Trip (Not) To Remember

A Road Trip (Not) To Remember

Hi blog.. I am back… It has been long since I typed anything for you.. I suppose literally nothing after I entered this corporate (@#$%^&*) world. The urge to type and share my feelings is long gone but anyways since as usual today I have nothing else to do (like most of the days of my life so far) so I thought that I’ll share something with you… Starting with it now

The Title “A Road Trip (NOT!) to Remember” as it signifies it’s about a road trip that went slightly awry. By road trip I don’t mean the trips that span a thousand of miles but our road trip in this case is a sweet quarter of thousand KM kind of trip that took around 10 hours and 3 modes of transport to complete.

To begin with. 2 people A & B had to go from a place C to D say around 4-5 hour long trip, They selected the best option available by road, A deluxe bus (the only one on this route), So it started from getting the tickets, B is punctual so no problem in this regards. The bus started it’s journey on the right time. Sine it was weekend it was packed. The movie it started playing was very depressing so the driver change it to the other irritating (means depressing in some other sense) movie. Bus reached Bypass in 20 minutes (An achievement in itself) there it experienced a minor jerk and halted there itself. The place of stoppage was such that during a day around 100K vehicles at least would cross that area. There was no other option left then to sit in the bus and just hope it starts as going outside was not an option since the vehicles zipped away on that signal free stretch. Driver was making unsuccessful attempts of starting it, The movie kept on playing in that interval though (Bad part since the thing that was supposed to run (bus) didn’t and the thing that should have been stopped (movie) didn’t either). Finally after more than an hour of efforts and it was still unknown that a mechanic had been called or not The bus started moving. It was a time of relief for everybody, When bus crossed traffic jams of the city then it was a comfortable feeling that home is not far away, But the fate had something else in it’s store. Just as it crossed a flyover outside a city it was stopped again. Nobody knew what happened, Most of the people got outside and went to the road side dhaba, When it was observed that nothing happened for a long time then everybody got outside the bus and it was known at that stage that the shocker of the bus had been damaged and the bus wont move an inch!. State of slight panic spread amongst the travelers but the conductor tried to arrange another bus or a mechanic but both things didn’t happen, Angry passengers surrounded him everywhere he went and literally they were standing in the middle of highway a person commented “Tuhanu sadak nal inna pyar kyon hai ki sadak vich ja ke khade ho jande ho?” (why do you love his road so much that all of you are standing in the middle of it), Poor conductor tried his best but couldn’t pacify the angry passengers since his top officials were not ready to do anything, Finally after lots of phone calls to supposedly top officials of transport authority and listening endlessly to a number “Taranve Ik sooo” (93100 ) (A note to persons concerned the number did come in dream too) passengers finally got a refund.

Now options were very less because the current location was not known to anybody and area seemed to be very backward, Somebody arranged for a cab, The on counting it was observed that another cab was required it was arranged too. Then the first cab arrived after 1 hour, It was a pathetic looking tata sumo, But since the options were limited so people boarded it. The condition of the vehicle was such that it’s traveling to 200 KM stretch was very difficult but due to lack of options nobody complained much about paying a very heavy premium price, No to mention the other cab was a quails that looked in a very good condition and the lazy ones got the best deal (The myth that an early bird catches the worm got busted and lost it’s meaning). Anyways the sumo started moving and the driver was hopelessly and dangerously quiet while driving , Driver getting into a nap that would cause disaster seemed to be a thing with high probability, Even the window that was open was a sense of relief that it night help in keeping him awake due to the cold surroundings, The cab crossed the biggest flyover in it’s stretch road was magnificent, Just when it seemed that nothing could go wrong then it happened again, At a place where the widening of highway was taking place the cab slowed down, smell of burning and the passengers had nothing but to say “oh my god! not again”. After traveling 2 KM a place to park the cab was found and the attempts to make it work again began, By the title of the post it is understood that they didn’t work. All had lost hope of getting home any sooner since home was another 160 KM away. Finally the cab driver was paid a part of total amount and it was decided that a bus to nearest bus stand could be taken and then another cab to home can be arranged there since no other cab could have been arranged within 1.5-2 hours.

After five minutes of wait a buss arrived it was stopped and luckily it was the bus that was direct to the destination. Everybody was extremely happy and thanked god that saved all from further struggle, The normal bus never felt so comfortable. Finally it reached the destination total time took around 10 hours, Not to mention the driver who was trying to honk the horn in the tunes of the pathetic songs that were being played in the bus and the sweater he wore while the bus was going at a decent speed on the highway. But still no complaints since all reached home. Reaching home never felt so sweeter J

Things to learn

  1. There are many things money can’t buy.
  2. Having a good company while such a trip makes it bearable.
  3. Anything that has Govt. Associated with it can’t be trusted.
  4. Train Travel rocks.
  5. Murphy laws applies everywhere (be it corporate world or travelling )
  6. Home is the sweetest destination
  7. Anybody who experienced this trip would laugh on the experience every time he or she thinks about it.

Bye blog,,, hope to see you back soon ,, next time I hope to write a “Legen wait for it—–” (Quoted from H.I.M.Y.M. Barny Stinson)

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