Trip to Shimla

Hi Blog

Went on a family trip to Shimla on the Weekend. Trip was fun, got to spend quality time with family, Although Fog played a spoilsport in the beginning.

The road after Kalka is beautiful. Felt wonderful to travel in the natural beauty.

Stopped by to see the “Victory Tower” located nearby Mohali. It is still under construction but still a good concept. Worth going after 3-4 months in case you are at Chandigarh.

Finally back home, will spend a cosy New Year all tucked up in the quilt.

Challenging week ahead. Will keep you updated regarding this.

New Year Resolutions

Hi Readers……. wish u a very happy new year.. Starting Now

The List for 2010

1. Look for Crush No. 8  (Love i kno i cant find)

2. Learn to Drive, Dance, Behave, Laugh (again), Express myself

3. Buy Ipod Touch

4. Get a photo clicked with guitar like everyone does

5. Change job profile

6. Crack some PSU

7. Study

8. Try to Get a life

9. Cut down net surfing by sleeping even more

10. Forget about the stuff i just wrote

I shouldn’t be blogging now. I am sick. Sick of all the news channels who have nothing substantial to show but even then they pop in with a breaking news every 15-20 minutes.

I read an article in HT today regarding it and followed news channels throughout the day and realized that Mr Hazara was true.

All the stuff regarding petrol prices fiasco was really irritating. I still don’t know when the media will grow up.

Early morning on news channels “Crude prices are up 90%+ So price hike is inevitable”. Every 2nd minute channels come up with some experts who justify such move. Fair enough we are educated (ok that sparks a controversy … that I’ll discuss some other time) and understand that this is inevitable and nothing can stop it.

Later in the afternoon when prices are hiked then like a chameleon our Indian news channels change their stance completely. Now they are criticizing the govt for such move. Like it was never required. Our desi channels came up with a funny captions like “Tel ke aansoo” “Har ghar me aag”. Dude WTF! Where were those experts now??

Now the scenario is different. News channels went to public and as expected people tried to be as rubbish as they can on TV.

Funniest and perhaps the worst of the lot was about LPG prices. aunties clad in expensive sarees and wearing jewelry that could even put bhappi lehri to shame were worried about 50 rs price hike of an LPG cylinder like it would cause havoc in their life. It deserves another WTF but I’ll save it for some other time.

I still can’t understand the concept behind petrol subsidy. Poor men don’t need it (Although they might be affected indirectly. in that I dont want to go coz I don’t want to ). The most affected person is a south Delhi resident who has to spend more to fill fuel tanks of his 9-10 sedans. But the chap in our case is so stinking rich that he doesn’t give a damn.

God save IOCL,BPCL,HPCL I still cant figure out how they are surviving.

Have to hit the sack now. Feeling really sleepy. Waking up at 6.30 AM is showing its effects on me now.

PS:- Read my previous post that P.S. applies here too.