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Man(dy) on fire and My another seminar at Thapar..Black friday.oops..monday..

Time is 5:15 AM. i got up for the quiz but couldn’t help posting this one.

Yesterday Mandy was on fire. Here is a brief description as i have to study too.

Yesterday sir came to the class and asked us what is logic. Then he told a usual sardar joke.

Once Buta singh asked Giani jail singh(GJS) about what is logic .He went to Indira Gandhi(IG) to ask for it. She said it is basically the deduction.. He said i dont know such words give me an example then she said..

GJS : What is logic can you tell me

IG : Do you have an aquarium in your house?

GJS : Yes

IG :It means they’ll have fishes in it

GJS : Yes

IG :It means you have to put feed/medicine to them too?

GJS : Yes

IG :Children usually enjoy it..this means there are kids in your home

GJS : Yes

IG : This means that they must have a mother too

GJS : Yes

IG :It means you are married

GJS: Yes

IG:That proves you are not a homo/gay..right

GJS:YES…now i got it

GJS to Buta singh..oey bute come here i’ll tell you about logic..Do you have aquarium in your house..

Buta said no…

GJA: Then you are a homo..

Then a few students arrived in the class and sir asked one of them about aquarium in your home..he said no and all of the class burst into laughter..

I had my seminar at morning but due to a long line i had to give it later..

At evening i gave it..Dont know how but i finished 24 slides in 5 minutes..I really spoke very fast..anyhow its all over and thank god for it..byee have to see a book too…

The great indian wedding and no so great indian TV

Hey blog I am back. Now I’ll try to make a post of decent enough length .

Today is 20th April and on all the news channels there are news of Aish and Abhi wedding. The news readers are too excited to hold their excitement one of them said “Dekhiye vo ghori hai uspe thodi der mein ghora..errrr maaf kijiye dulha baithega”(that’s the mare on which after a few time horse..sorry groom will sit). Anyways TV has become a junk these days. Gone are the days where we waited for TV shows. Now only junk like news channels and K stuff exists. Some exceptions are there but they are very few in number. The Ads too used to be very entertaining few years back now only those irritating Undergarments ads (that too without pretty girls are broadcasted. these irritate me so much that I want to break my TV set sometimes.. especially that ad in which a 50 year old aunty comes… fcuk those people)

Anyways the wedding buzz caused 1 good thing for me. That is “the great Indian wedding” concept. I attended such a function last month. It was the wedding of a friend’s sister and we went to bathinda for it. It was an amazing experience . well I wanted to write about a wedding in general so here it comes..

Normally Indian weddings are swank everybody tries to spend as much as he can on this day. So it is good for other people who have never met bride/groom and are just there because of their parents . now if you come to this on invitation of your friend then you are lucky as your other friends will also join you and masti and dhamal is sure. The first thing anyone looks for is the stalls of snacks. Although there might be a whole army of waiters even then there’ll be crowd of people near those stalls. Everyone wants to try every item at least for once. So that others cant say to him “array!! Tumne chat try nahin ki?? Vo to sabse achi thi”(you didn’t eat chat it was the best). Anyhow even the most vivacious dancer will not dance at 134405445 requests of other people but if it you have company then the worst dancers like me will always try to dance till they are completely exhausted. They will dance and dance till they are about to get unconscious due to excessive sweating and subsequent water loss. Anyhow after 2-3 hours the people who were busy boozing earlier will arrive and their unique African tribal dance begins and it continues until the climax!!!!!!!

The climax is nothing but the dinner. Everyone pretends to ignore it but always keeps an eye on the proceedings. If you are a close relative then you have to sit as the degree of closeness is directly proportional to the delay in your dinner. So other people will stand in long queues and will say “quickly we have to go a long way..” . They will try to put each and every dish in the small plate which ultimately results in a mixture which has a texture and composition that in normal situation you would not even watch it anyways you wouldn’t want to miss any dish otherwise same dialogue of the people as it was before

Then comes the grand finale .. That is usually the sweet dish. There will always be a huge crowd pounding and mobbing the table on which this is done. So the achievement is how many cups you can bring for all your uncle aunties who are too old to do this job. And finally the bill is paid in terms of shagun (money) or gift..

Then everyone doesn’t bother whose wedding it was and everyone sneaks away…

That was the great Indian wedding show…bye blog catch ya later

mid sem saga cont. day6..the saga ends finally

burrrrrrrraaaa exams over…

It finally ended today as it has ended 11 times before also..

Today’s exam went fine and now the best part is that only 2 more mid sems to go next sem..then will come by redemption that i am eagerly waiting for…

Bye blog

mid sem saga cont. day5

It was TQM today..

1 question was wrong (hope we all get marks for it)

Yesterday i saw The last king of scotland..amazing movie…

Thank god this exam was fine..

MEMS tomorrow dont know anything about it….

mid sem saga cont. DAY4

It was DSP exam today..
Ppaper was expected to be tough but it went peacefully …

No Ms D today…only Mr Sahu and Nigger…

Dont know what i’ll get in this..

tomorrow TQM… God save me…

mid sem saga cont. DAY3

Today was 3rd exam..
It was an easy paper but Mr Fate has something else in mind..

Paper was easy but we had to write a lot to get marks. Initially there was duty of GKR and Manu Bansal. All was going well till 11:30.

There came Ms D and all my concentration was was diverted. She was looking very pretty today (as usual what is the big deal..). My position was like that i was writing a line then looking to ma’am then again and this cycle repeated till only 10 minutes were left. Then i picked up pace and finally finished it 1 min before.

Ms D you came in right exam….

Bye blog…catch ya tomorrow..have a tough one..

mid sem saga cont. DAY2

Yesterday exam didnt go gave me headache so i didnt study at all yesterday..

I studied for 2-3 hours in the morning and went to the exam with half preparation (i knew that mr fate will punish me for this half hearted attempt)..

Paper was pathetic!!! It was hell… too difficult and lengthy anyways i tried to attempt it ..It was so depressing..

Then i came outside the hall.. and met 6 people all of them confirmed that my one question was wrong (that is 1 question per person)…

It all depends on MD Singh what he’ll give for this rubbish attempt..

I am all screwed up now..dont wanna study for it is das…i can do all the guessing work..

chal bye blog..catch ya tomorrow

Thapar MId sems 2

I have decided to post my mid sem saga here so i’ll get 6 posts in 6 days (the only way i can keep my blog updated).

Today was PDC exam. The teacher is none other than M.A.N.D.Y. . We were expecting some conceptual kinda paper but it turned out to be all numericals with no scope of guessing. I was shattered when i saw the paper. Sir came to the class as usual smiling…man we were so angry..

Finally by hook or crook i managed to attempt some part of it and now i’ll not miss even a single tute ..
lets c i get any score in this exam…

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