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The Power of F

I know by reading this article some thoughts must have crossed your mind. Let me put end to all of them and clarify that this is not about the f word rather this post is about the letter F.

The reason why I am typing this post is that the importance of this letter I realized only after I inadvertently missed it in my of my official mail and that mail my boss sent across the border and the complete meaning got changed.

The subject was like “Reply regarding Shift Incharge Station” I missed an F in SHIFT. So perhaps you understand that what happened to the subject.

I noticed it after it was forwarded and I got a copy and I couldn’t stop laughing even when I was in boss’s cabin. The consequences I will suffer once the reply comes. Lets see what happens.

PS: Not an April Fool Joke.

Office Humor

Hi.. Here is an account of some incidents that happened, some are true and some might be, so keep guessing

1. Nirmala: Premchand’s hindi classic, Somebody might be so fond of it that he gave it’s printout to read it in office time. One boss was near the printer at that time. He took the pages and began shouting. “Bhai ye Nirmala kiski hai??”. Obviously there was no taker for Nirmala at that time. Poor Nirmala gave all the office a reason to laugh :)

2. Shopping: A Deadly one. A guy (Say Uncle) and a girl were sitting together in office. Guy asked girl that from where did she purchase her clothes. She responded in a nonchalant manner that nothing is fixed and i buy clothes from here and there and tried to pass the question. Then again the same question was asked, this time girl got a bit angry and asked why he wanted to know? He said that he wanted to purchase clothes for his wife and kids. Then a deadly reply came ” The kind of clothes i wear neither your wife nor your daughter will be able to wear those, so please save the effort”. Needless to comment about the reactions of the listeners.

3.Sheran Wali Maata: There is a general trend that has been observed in girls that after marriage their dressing sense becomes weird. This is related to that. There was a girl who got married.She was on leave for 15 days, after leave when she came to office then people saw what they never saw before. Bright Saree ( Brightest you can imagine), Overdone Makeup, Bangles and Payal (Yup that sound of chan chan :P ). A Guy put on his helmet so that she wont recognize him. When she went to the office literally all the people stood up on their seats for a view that was never seen before. Her Boss’s reaction was amazing and that cant be put into words. A friend of her gave the comment that “Tu to aaj sheran vali maata lag rahi hai”. She laughed but it is clear what must be going through her mind. Although it gave people an opportunity to laugh but the question still remains that why this happens to 99% of girls?

4. The Man Who Sold The World: Very Inspiring story. A guy was at a company and his package was 5 LPA. He applied for other companies and got 2 offers 6 LPA and 8 LPA. So one might think that he must have gone for 8 LPA company, he didn’t . He realized his market value and continued his previous job. He took a vow not to work at all in the company and till company throws him away he will keep on working in his previous employer. The result is that now he is living life of a king in the same company for 2 years happily. Surely an inspiration.

My Love

Hi blog.. i am admitting something today.. I have fallen in love

The first time i saw you when i was in college, i remember i saw you near college gate for the first time. I knew that i had fallen for you there itself.

Then i didn’t get to see you much since then at patiala but still you were there at some corner of my heart.

Then i came to Delhi, it was there i got to see you very frequently, you were perfect indeed. Slim, beautiful from not only from the looks, but as they say beauty is not just skin deep, the phrase was perfect for you. So near yet so far was the state of my mind.

Knowing that you might not get the one you love doesn’t make the love lesser even a little bit but rather it increases to such a level that it becomes an obsession .

I got to see you more since last few days. Whenever i see you i know what my dream is. But the dream i suppose is not possible to be fulfilled in this life atleast.

One thing i must tell you, you really look breathtaking in Grey color (My heart must have skipped a beat on watching you in that color).

So some of you (if anybody is reading this )would like to know who she is. well …well… well…..

She is My Landlord’s latest possession.. HONDA CIVIC :) .. Lucky chap..

Bbye blog..

A Story

Dont read this post: Move on

Hi.. I am not in a mood to write a complete story now. Lets hope i finish it soon and then i will post it here. This post is just a reminder that i have to publish a complete story

A story of a guy and a girl (as usual). But it is not a love story’

BTW: This story is a work of complete Fiction, any resemblance with anybody in real life is just pure coincidence .

Especially with you “X”

Title: 2500 Days of “X”

2500 Days roughly 7 years have passed since i had first seen her and still i cant forget her, Perhaps this  means that it was something more than just plain infatuation.

It all began when i left my school after 10th and joined another institute for 10+1. There i saw her for the first time, I still remember that orange T Shirt she wore and how pretty she looked in it. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her even for a single moment , Time seems to have frozen when she was around. Perhaps i can attribute my poor chemistry Lab scores to that time. I didn’t even know her name, Then one day ……..

ok blog i will continue sometime later if i really feel like completing it

PS: 500 Days of summer seems to have hit me really hard. Awesome movie

A Thought

“I always believed that there is someone in this world for each of us, I knew i was right, The only thing i was not right about was you”


This word was the hot topic after TV series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin Got Aired. Even before it , Yesterday i saw movie ” Karthik Calling Karthik” where the hereo undergoes a makeover. Not difficult at all if you already have a 6 pack abs to flaunt , Just Losing Spects and getting into a causal attire does wonders. In real life that is not so simple. Lets  visualize a guy going for a makeover the steps are as follows

1. Be regular at gym (The most difficult thing)

2. Eat well

3. Go for Jogging

4. Change your dressing style .. well the perfect phrase for it

Louis Phillipe Slim Fit Shirt-2000 Rs

Levi Strauss Jeans-4000 rs

Ray ban Sunglasses  -5000 rs

Being worthy of flaunting the things mentioned above-Priceless (Not Painless though)

For A girl .. Makeover

OSHCL- Open Straight Hair & Contact Lens

Most of you might not agree but have seen this happening lots of time….

Bbye blog

Typical Punjabi Love story

Typical Punjabi love story…

Guy likes Gal .. But cant tell her the same due to some reasons like

1. Too Shy

2. Fear that parents wont accept

3. She thinks of him as a friend and he doesn’t want to scare her by imposing his feelings over her (”We are just good friends” the deadliest line)

Whatever the case may be of the things mentioned above… It only amounts to Two results..

1  Girl’s marriage gets fixed by her parents.. guy is invited too.. poor guy just stands there watching everything with a broken heart suddenly girl’s dad appears and says “Son please help us in this work.. it’s your sister’s wedding” . The guy’s expressions couldn’t be made public.

2. Girls gets married, guy doesn’t eat for some days &  turns into a Dev D. Then somehow accepts the fate as out of sight is out of mind, moves on with the life, marries a bimbo selected by parents, still tries to find his first love in his poor wife and gets frustrated mostly, wife suffers so  married life suffers, parents and relatives intervene then slowly life comes on track, guy becomes father now, one day when he goes to market with his family then a small kid comes to him , the kid looks lost, the guy looks for his parents, a lady comes looking for him, not to mention who she is.. so in a jiffy all memories refresh, he remembers old days (all the things he could not do), the girl says “acha to apne maama ji ko dhoond hi lia” needless to say what killed the guy :)

Just came across these thoughts somehow.. V Day is approaching..But no use to blogger :(

BBye blog .. Bohot Bhor lye.. See you Soon

Two Years in NCR :)

Hi.  11.58 PM by watch .. I completed my 2 years in NCR today. The saga might be too big to write so in short the things that are running in my head I will put it here

  1. Things I gained: New Friends, Money, cars(for parents), A lapi, A PDA Phone, 10 KG weight
  2. Things I miss: My college and everything associated with it.
  3. Things I learned at NCR: Local travel, Shopping, Bargaining (Little Bit), Money can’t buy everything it is just a piece of paper (But a kind of paper you will never find in dustbin), Life can be a bitch sometimes, Corporate life is tough (Grass is always greener on other side)
  4. Places I explored: Each and every corner of Delhi where BSES operates , Agra and surroundings
  5. Places I didn’t explore: Everything not mentioned in point 4, to specify Gurgaon is a place I never went to so far.
  6. Transitions in life in these 2 years: Life changed from the sarkari naukri of BSES to taxing schedule of REL. Sometimes miss those trips to CP after office , Now life is going to office at 9AM  then returning by 8 PM and fighting with 3 other laptops for 30 Kbps bandwidth. But still some trips to Delhi, Some early morning movies on weekends (to save money), some funny moments and chatting with friends make living here totally worth it.

I think jyada ho gya. Now I’ll stop as jyada bhorni changi gal nahin. By blog,,, c ya soon…

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